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Buxton Sports Cap 75Cl

  • Perfect for the gym, the office, your busy week!

And because our pure water naturally bursts from St Ann’s Spring in the Peak District, we do our best to keep nature on side. With our zero waste certified factory and 100% recyclable bottles, sustainability is at the heart of everything we do.

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Whether you’re out and about, at your desk, or at the gym – this pure British natural mineral water is perfect for all busy lifes. Our safest sports cap means you can enjoy instant, natural refreshment wherever you are all day long.

Our product is 100% natural. Free from additives, artificial colours and preservatives. Zero calories as is sugar free.

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Let’s do this, Britain – today is here for the taking! Luckily for you, Buxton’s Natural Mineral Water is always on hand. Helping you get the most out of your day by revitalising you on the go with our natural water.

Nutritional Information

Typical Analysis mg/l
Calcium 55
Magnesium 19
Potassium 1
Sodium 24
Bicarbonate 248
Chloride 37
Sulphate 13
Nitrate <0.1
Dry Residue at 180u00b0C 280
pH at Source 7.4



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