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ASTONISH Engine Degreaser – 750ml

ASTONISH Engine Degreaser – 750ml

A hard working degreaser for use under the bonnet, to help reduce mechanical problems.

An easy to use trigger spray that degreases the engine compartment helping maintain efficiency and reducing the possibility of mechanical problems.

The Astonish Engine Degreaser also doubles up as a great bicycle cleaner, shifting the muck off the frame and helping to restore shifting performance as well as prolonging the life of your gears.

All Astonish products are environmentally friendly; Astonish products do not contain any ingredients that are harmful to the environment.

Astonish are a family owned company producing Great British cleaning products. They offer you glistening bonnets, gleaming windows and sparkling wheels, but most of all, they give that feeling you get when you stand back and feel it’s a job well done.

PRICE £ 1.00



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